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February 26, 2018
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March 14, 2018
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Get to Know Project Grow Student – Lillian Wright

Get to Know Project Grow Student – Lillian Wright

“If there’s one thing you can control in this world, it’s your reaction to it.


Institution: Indiana University-Bloomington
Major: English BA
Accomplishments: Published in Magic Jar Magazine, member of IU Scholar Corps, selected for IU Leadershape and IU Berlin 2018 Study Abroad
The Impact Project Grow Has Had on You:  “Project Grow has had a tremendous impact on my confidence and inner strength. As a first generation college student, even as an upper classman I struggle with trying to find the confidence and strength to push past the obstacles set before me and grow as a future business woman. Having mentors that have had the same struggles as me has made all the difference in my assimilation into the realm of professionalism and being a self-starter.” -Lillian Wright 

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