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Get to Know Our Interns – Brianne Karazsia

Get to Know Our Interns – Brianne Karazsia

Energy and persistence conquer all things.


Institution: IUPUI
Major: Health Services Management
What is your role at Pass The Torch? I am the Event Management Intern, and also on the Developing Professionals Committee. I assist with planning logistics for the various events that we hold for our mentors and mentees. I also manage all of our social media pages. 
What is your favorite thing about interning here?  I have gotten the chance to meet so many amazing and encouraging people! I am also excited to get involved with the Developing Professionals Program, so I can still be involved with Pass The Torch even after my internship ends. 
What are your career aspirations? I want to work in Event Management or Program Development for a non-profit. One day, I will hopefully start my own non-profit organization. 
Favorite Indy Restaurant: Bakersfield
Favorite Things To Do In Your Free Time: Shopping, traveling, spending time with friends and family

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