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Get to Know Project Grow Student – Sharray Jones

Project Grow is a unique partnership between the Pass The Torch For Women Foundation and Strada Education Network committed to mentoring women college students to achieve their goals for higher education and career advancement. Project Grow encourages educational success and teaches the how-to’s of building strategic relationships and honing leadership skills. The end result of these efforts will be a group of women who persist to graduation, successfully transition to the workforce, and grow their careers.

Get to Know Project Grow Student – Sharray Jones

As long as you keep putting one foot in front the other, goals are achievable.


Institution: Ivy Tech Community College

Major: Human Service

Accomplishments: For the past three semesters, I have served as the coordinator of Ivy Tech’s Food Pantry at the downtown location. I made the Dean’s list for the first time in summer 2017 and recently received my Technical Certificate in Human Service, December 2017.

The Impact Project Grow had on Sharray: “The Project Grow program has had a positive impact on me by networking me with other ladies looking to take on a supportive leadership role. The workshops are informal and help me develop my skills as a person and worker.” – Sharray

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