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Get to Know Project Grow Student – Jenny Davidson

Project Grow is a unique partnership between the Pass The Torch For Women Foundation and Strada Education Network committed to mentoring women college students to achieve their goals for higher education and career advancement. Project Grow encourages educational success and teaches the how-to’s of building strategic relationships and honing leadership skills. The end result of these efforts will be a group of women who persist to graduation, successfully transition to the workforce, and grow their careers.

Get to Know Project Grow Student – Jenny Davidson

“The best way to get things done is simply to begin.”


Institution: Ivy Tech Community College – Indy Women in Tech/IvyWorks

Major: Informatics

Accomplishments: Jenny earned a master’s degree in social services in 1995. Since then she has been the director of a child care center, taught at Ivy Tech, worked in sales, served as a supervisor at a child abuse/neglect prevention program, and currently is self-employed as a project/product manager in the publishing field. Jenny made the Dean’s List in her first semester back in school. 

The Impact Project Grow had on Jenny: “It’s helped me narrow down my vision. I’m a big-picture person, and my mentors have helped me identify how to merge my existing skills with my newfound technology skills. Project Grow has also ignited my passion for networking and getting to know other professionals. I hope to pay it forward by serving as a mentor in my community.” – Jenny

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