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Get to Know Project Grow Student – Taiwo Omotosho

Project Grow is a unique partnership between the Pass The Torch For Women Foundation and Strada Education Network committed to mentoring women college students to achieve their goals for higher education and career advancement. Project Grow encourages educational success and teaches the how-to’s of building strategic relationships and honing leadership skills. The end result of these efforts will be a group of women who persist to graduation, successfully transition to the workforce, and grow their careers.

Get to Know Project Grow Student – Taiwo Omotosho

“I was interested in growing and becoming a better version of myself which Project Grow was all about.
Need I say, it was a very good decision.
” – Taiwo Omotosho, 2017 Project Grow Alumni

Institution: Ivy Tech Community College – Indianapolis

Major: Nursing

Accomplishments: Taiwo is a Student Ambassador and has always maintained a GPA of 3.85. She enjoys singing, interacting with people, and maintaining meaningful conversations. Taiwo is also a Pass the Torch for Women Foundation summer intern!

The Impact Project Grow had on Taiwo: “Project Grow has made me to see life from a fresh perspective and has made me resilient in my pursuit for excellence and success. My mentor helped boost my confidence in preparing for my exams. She kept saying of how she believes in me, which in turn encouraged me. The belief payed off and I passed my TEASE exam.”

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