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Nominations for Project Grow Program

Growing Women Leaders:

Project Grow is a unique partnership between the Pass The Torch For Women Foundation and Strada Education Network committed to mentoring women college students to achieve their goals for higher education and career advancement. Project Grow encourages educational success and teaches the how-to’s of building strategic relationships and honing leadership skills. The end result of these efforts will be a group of women who persist to graduation, successfully transition to the workforce, and grow their careers.


Elements of The Program:

Nurturing Mentoring Relationships: Participants will have access to a rolodex of impressive mentors, allowing them to gain knowledge for personal and professional development.

Women’s Leadership Skills Building: In addition, eight leadership skills building modules will also be taught by an PTTFW affiliated instructor. Each module is around two hours in length and participants will receive a binder of materials and create an individualized action plan.

Have someone you know who you think would be a perfect fit for our Project Grow Program? We are now accepting nominations for Seniors of a four year institution or someone who is finishing a two year program for an associates degree! Please email your nominations to!

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