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What Is The Impact of Project Grow?

We asked our Project Grow students, “What is your favorite part of Project Grow?”
and here is what they had to say:

“The best part for me is sharing our joys and successes as we grow.”

“The connection with other people with same as well different reasons we are here! To learn from one another.”

“Learning about different aspects in the world, connecting with women of my age,
and learning skills to apply in life as I go on.”

“Getting connected to a professional mentor and meeting up with like minded students.”

“I really liked learning about developing my own brand and discovering I want to own my own business. I now feel empowered and equipped to take the necessary steps to start the process because of what I gained.”

“The best part of Project Grow was the change I saw in myself.”

“The more time I spent with the participants and at the modules, I grew and became less shy and more friendly.
My confidence soared and my belief in myself skyrocketed.”

“It had made me grow in thinking with diversity. In taking others opinion in consideration and expand my thinking.”

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