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Get to Know Project Grow

Here is a look at some of the Academic characteristics of the students enrolled in the Project Grow program as well as some  interviews from last years students!

Academic Characteristics

  • Respondents reported they have taken an average of 47.8 credit hours by the time of survey administration and that they are currently enrolled in an average of 11.9.
  • 70% of respondents self-report an average GPA of B+ or greater.
  • The majority of respondents (90%) do not have an unpaid internship, but roughly two-thirds do work.


  • 71% indicated they have served as a leader in an organization
  • 88% anticipate taking a leadership role in the future
  • 56% have already completed formal leadership training
  • While 88% agree that they have effectively led a group to a common purpose, less than one-half (48%) rate themselves above average in their leadership ability compared to the average person their age.

Click here to meet some of the Project Grow Students from last year!

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