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Becoming a Mentor

We are now in our second module with our Project Grow students. Our students are excited to learn more skills and connect with our Pass the Torch for Women Mentors. This year, we have a wide array of students across Indiana. Last year, Ivy Tech Indianapolis and Marian University partnered with us to teach students workplace and leadership skills and meet with mentors that could propel their career. We now have over 100 students participating in Project Grow and, along with Ivy Teach Indianapolis and Marian University, we now have students from Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, University of Indiana, and IUPUI. Pass the Torch for Women Foundation connects female students about to emerge into their career with women leaders through mentoring.

There are so many ways being a mentor can help the mentee, but being a mentor can also help grow YOU. Being a mentor helps build skills by teaching and leading your mentee with competencies and skills that you have already obtained through growing in your career. Mentee’s can also help bridge the gap between different generations. New technology, social media, or even learn a new perspective on ideas can help build to your already large skill set. Your mentee might be building their network for their new career, but you also can be building your network. Project Grow students are non-traditional students and come from all walks-of-life and age groups. They might become your next support system, lead you to a new career, or be the next hire at your organization or company.

Interested in becoming a mentor with Pass the Torch for Women? Please fill out Pass the Torch for Women Mentoring Interest Form or contact us at