Garden of Knowledge Reception at 1150

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June 21, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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Garden of Knowledge Reception at 1150

On June 23rd, the Pass the Torch for Women 500 Circle held a reception hosted at the 1150 house. This reception was an opportunity to celebrate and support the Pass the Torch for Women mission as well as a time to mingle and connect with like-minded women.

The theme of the evening was Garden of Knowledge. Each member and guest was asked to provide a “petal” of knowledge to be shared with the Pass the Torch community. 500 Circle chair, Lori Ball, lead a discussion on these bits of knowledge.

Those in attendance were also able to hear Melissa Greenwell, the 2016 Pass the Torch Relay event Chair, speak about the relay and were encouraged to register for the event in August.

The reception was a fantastic way for 500 Circle members to network with one another while enjoying the unique setting of the 1150 mansion. At the end of the program, representatives from the 1150 academy shared what they do and gave group tours of the mansion.

Here are a few of the wonderful bits of advice shared by our guests

“Our capabilities are much greater than we know. Believe in yourself, and choose a mindset that will enable you to reach your dreams.” -Stephanie Ewing

“Be vulnerable enough to ask for help when you need it. Give others the gift of helping you.”–Nikki Lewallen

“Mentor—and you will learn yourself” –Anonymous

“Square your shoulders, take a deep breathe, and know you belong”—Linda Matkowski

“Never forget to be your own biggest fan, you are worth it and deserve it.” –Elyse Swoverland

Throughout this week, we will be sharing more of these “petals” of knowledge. Make sure to like our Facebook page so you don’t miss out of these bits of wisdom!

Below are some of the pictures captured at the event 

              photo   photo2


Click HERE to visit our Facebook page and see more pictures from the Garden of Knowledge Reception.

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