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500 Circle Pearls of Wisdom by Julie Petr, Assistant Executive Director


It was a night filled of networking, meeting new people, enjoying the Indianapolis skyline, and taking away some wonderful advice from seasoned professionals! On April 14th, the Pass The Torch For Women 500 Circle hosted a reception to celebrate the mission of supporting women through mentoring at the Indianapolis Skyline Club, who sponsored the event along with Monarch Beverage. The 500 Circle is community of our nation’s top leaders offering a platform to share ideas, connect, participate in discussion forums and share best practices. The 500 Circle membership provides the Pass The Torch For Women Foundation to offer scholarships for female college students to go through a program of mentoring, along with strategic training to help them transition into the business world.




The theme of the night was Pearls Of Wisdom. Each member and guest were asked to provide a professional tip, or a pearl of wisdom, that would be shared with the members of the Pass The Torch Community and the college students participating in the Project Grow Mentoring Program. Members discussed their tips over drinks, including a signature Skyline drink called The Pearl. Pearl prizes were raffled off at the end of the evening, where seven executive women joined the 500 Circle. The Skyline Club made a generous offer to discount their initiation fee of $600 for any new Club member who signed on by Monday, April 18, if a donation of $100 was made to the Foundation.










Here are 10 of the Pearls Of Wisdom tips that were shared at the reception. We collected dozens of professional tips and will post 10 tips each week until they are complete!

  • It is the people in your life who will change you, make the time to meet them and learn from them!
  • Strive to attain the “unattainable” goals. Believe in your capabilities and strive to reach higher and further than you can imagine. You will surprise yourself. 
  • Allow yourself to explore and try all things. Don’t become anxious about change!
  • Take the risk and take the job you haven’t done before…Trust Yourself.
  • Time lost is never found.
  • If you want it go after it, Don’t wait for someone else to give it to you. 
  • A drop of wisdom and time shared with someone has a great ripple effect!
  • Always posses and attitude of gratitude, appreciate others and yourself. 
  • Be authentic and find a way to blend your work and family in a way that allows you to be true to that authentic self. 
  • Be brave, challenge the status quo, and lead with your heart!