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Great Turn-out for the International Women’s Day Breakfast!

To all who were in attendance for this year’s International Women’s Day Breakfast Celebration, Thank you for celebrating with us! It was such a wonderful turn-out and a great way to start the day.


We heard from many wonderful speakers like Linda Matkowski, Pat Roe, Melissa Greenwell, Whit’ney McTush as well as a panel that consisted of a diverse group of individuals including Lori Ball, Britt Griffin, and Anucha Browne Sanders NCAA’s VP of Women’s Basketball Championships. The topic of diversity was discussed as well as the impact Project Grow has had on the foundation and the students involved. Many of the students from Ivy Tech were in attendance. Of course the Pass The Torch for Women Foundation was mentioned as well as the many benefits that are obtained with being involved with the foundation. It was a wonderful way to celebrate with fellow women leaders and mentors!