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“The Art of Negotiation” – Project Grow

This week, our Project Grow students from Marian University and Ivy Tech participated in their Third module class, “The Art of Negotiation”. Both colleges have partnered with USA Funds and Mentoring Women’s Network to have fifty of their female students act as protégées and go through the mentoring program and have been participating in the four-module course to help them grow their networks and continue to leverage their skills towards success.

In the Third module, students discussed ways to maximize and enhance their skill sets in order to negotiate as a professional woman. “These students are so well-rounded and have such passion to invest in themselves to continue to grow both personally and professionally,” Samantha Lawson reflected, the National Program Director and Facilitator of the module, “I know this class on negotiation was truly eye- opening and helpful, especially as these students begin pondering what their next opportunity will be.”

The fourth and final module, “Networking with Intention”, is to take place in March. In the interim, students will be using the online software to get matched with mentors across the nation.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in being a mentor and joining the movement, please feel free to contact

Samantha Lawson at

See some photos from the class below 





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Meet one of the many women a part of the Project Grow Program below!