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January Open House Re-Cap

A huge thank you goes out to all who were in attendance to our SOLD OUT open house last night at the Finish Line Headquarters. A special thank you to our wonderful speaker Ann Murtlow who shared with us how mentoring has impacted her life and the positive influence it can have. Also in attendance was Finish Line President Samuel M. Sato who welcomed everyone and gave a wonderful Introduction to the Event.

Ann had a lot to say about the influence her father had as being her first mentor and the person she admired the most. Ann stated this is where her strong work ethic and values sprouted from and that they have helped her tremendously. Ann then went on to mention a few other Mentors she has had in her life and mentioned that Mentoring is all about Chemistry!  She believed that the best mentors are those who leave you intellectually stimulated and allow you to grow from every interaction. Ann has greatly benefited from mentoring groups and mentioned that being vulnerable and being able to “fail safely” is key when it comes to mentoring relationships and feeling your most comfortable when interacting with a perspective Mentor or Mentee.

Check out these photos highlighting our wonderful night at Finish Line Headquarters!




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