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How To Invest in Yourself as a Mentee

If you want to develop valuable work and leadership skills and further yourself down your career path, a mentoring program is the way to go. A good mentoring program can take you from being an inexperienced employee to a savvy leader. In joining a mentoring program you will invest in yourself and in turn invest your future success. However, the one question a lot of people has before joining mentoring programs is, “where do I start?” The thing is, a lot of employees want to join a mentoring program but don’t know how. Here are some helpful tips to ensure an easier time finding a mentoring program:

  1. Determine what your expectations are. If you have no expectations in mind, you will have a hard time finding a mentoring program that suits your needs. Make a list of your expectations and the roles you want your mentors to play in your career.

  1. Don’t limit yourself. Try looking for mentors outside of your workplace. Mentors can be found in many places: business and women’s associations, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, community groups, even your family.

  1. After you have found a viable mentor, the next step you should take is to set up a time to meet with them. Make sure the meeting place is somewhere that is mutually comfortable and confidential.

  1. Make sure you and your mentor are on the same page. Be clear about your expectations with them and make sure you share the same commitments to meeting said expectations.

Follow these tips, and you will be well on your way to investing in yourself and the future of your career.