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Monthly Mentoring Chat Re-Cap

Robin Fleming – Senior VP of Technology at Angie’s List

This  past week’s mentoring chat featured Robin Fleming. It was a wonderful discussion provided insight on advice to someone who may be new to a leadership role, character traits for success, and how she balances her work/life. Check out these notes from the chat in case you missed it!


Robin’s Advice to Someone New to a Leadership Role

  • Listen
  • Be thankful and express gratitude
  • Truly care about the people on your team
  • Set your people up for success and give them credit for accomplishments
  • Philosophy – You work for your team
  • Everyone can be a leader

Character Traits for Success

  • Be curious and a continuous learner
  • Be energetic and engaging
  • Be generous with your time, knowledge, and support of others


Work Life Balance

  • Tech has given us the ability to flexible with our time
  • Tech also gives us the ability to work from anywhere
  • Finding comfort in staying connected even while on vacation just knowing everything is OK


Phrase Robin Lives By

Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.

Listen to the full discussion HERE!

Robins Full Bio:

Robin Fleming is the senior vice president of Technology at Angie’s List. She is responsible for Technology Operations, Data Management, Cloud Site Operations, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Test Automation, Continuous Integration, Build/Deployment, SCRUM and Technical PMO.   Her career spans over 27 years with a focus in software engineering and technology.   Robin’s experience includes enterprise software, global cloud operations for Fortune 500, cloud technology, configuration management, continuous delivery, security, quality and consumer internet experience.   Robin also currently serves on the board of directors for Clear Software.

She has held roles in startups, post-acquisition companies, and mid-size companies across a wide set of industries and spanning enterprise corporate and divisional organizations. She has held engineering and technology leadership roles at Teradata/Aprimo,, i2 Technologies (acquired by JDA), Worksoft, and USDATA (acquired by Siemens).

Robin has a strong passion for developing technology solutions, delivering customer value and building high performing teams. She believes that investing in people and building great teams is the key to delivering great customer satisfaction. She loves cultivating leaders, creating opportunities, and helping them advance in their careers.

Robin dedicates time to mentoring women and men who want to enter technology fields and supports those already in roles with practical guidance.   She is a STEM proponent and supports and starts organizations that encourage and support girls and women in technology.   She started the Indianapolis and Raleigh chapters of the Women of Teradata and served as Executive Sponsor, she is a supporter and volunteer for the Mentoring Women’s Network and is a member and volunteer for the Women & Hi Tech.   She is active in the local technology community and speaks about technology topics.

In 2015 Robin was recognized by Angie’s List and TechPoint as part of the Mira Awards Tech 25 which recognizes Indiana’s technology builders.   She is currently part of the Hoosier Fellows Class of 2016, which enhances leadership skills in high-potential leaders.

Robin is a native of Arkansas, a Texas transplant and a current Hoosier who relocated from Dallas to Indianapolis in 2011.   She and her husband David currently reside in Fishers, Indiana.

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