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Advise to My Younger Self – Chloe Teise


If I Could Give Advice To My Younger Self, I Would Say…

   Although I am only eighteen and fresh out of high school and now into the real world, I still have my moments where if I could give advice to my younger self, I would. I see younger girls going through the same struggles I did their age, which is junior high school. I always thought the world was ending just like any other young girl at that age. Your best friends are leaving you out, they all have boyfriends or girlfriends, or maybe some of them are succeeding in one thing that you are not and you feel like a failure. All these little things and more that seemed so serious at the time, like it solely effected our future in its entirety, rather than just the immediate future. I realize now the more important situations in life and how my high school days were nothing and I was better and smarter than I thought I was. Even though I cannot give my younger self the advice that I wish I could, I instead give it to these girls that I help and talk to. What I would have told myself is…

-You might know a lot, but you do not know everything

-Just because you are different, does not mean you are not capable of doing great things

-Everything will be temporary and your life will succeed if you allow it to

-Life is about more than just these temporary stressful moments

-You were made on purpose, for a purpose, and I believe in you