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#passtorch4women a Success!

Let’s just say it was indeed the “Networking Event of the Season”! We are referring to the Macy’s and Finish Line #passtorch4women events that took place in NYC and Boston this past week!

PassTorch4Women share

Both nights of the event had a great turnout! Those in attendance were able to take the pledge to Pass The Torch For Women, declaring that they want to make an impact by mentoring, inspiring, and empowering other women in their careers! Many took to social media to share that they had taken the pledge by using the hashtag #passtorch4women and share their photos with the Sharing Box! It was the perfect opportunity for networking, meeting new people, and sharing support for a wonderful event and cause! 

Also in attendance was Mentoring Women’s Network’s National Spokesperson, Celebrity DJ Casey Connor, who was able to play some great music for the event, meet fans and guests, as well as showing her support for the movement. 


A Big Thank You to all who showed their support at the event; it was a huge success! Don’t forget to keep Passing the Torch for Women