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Mentoring, It’s All About People |Tara Eubanks

If I were to ask myself 4 years ago if I thought I would be where I am today, I honestly don’t think I would have a reasonable answer for you. I can confidently say I didn’t think I would be a Sophomore at Butler University, my dream school. When it came time to deciding what colleges I wanted to consider attending and trying to narrow them down, Butler was always at the top of the list but there were two things that were really keeping me from fully committing to this prestigious University. Coming from a middle-class family and not having much luck scholarship wise, trying to come up with the money for tuition was quite the dilemma for my parents and I. Also, with my major of interest being in Theater Arts and Performing, I needed to await my acceptance into the Jordan College of Arts within Butler to make my dreams of furthering my knowledge and experience of acting to continue moving forward, simply being accepted into the University wouldn’t be enough.

I never would have considered myself the most outgoing type, that is until I found my love for performing on stage. I never would have found that love if it wasn’t for my High School drama teacher, Mrs. Carrie Reiberg. I can confidently say that she in fact was my first real Mentor, the one person who made a noticeable difference in my life. Her encouragement and confidence in my own abilities is what carried me through from my freshman to senior year and is what still carries me through today as a sophomore in college. If there was a ever a sliver of doubt or mistrust present, that would instantly be put out of sight and mind. She taught me that trusting yourself is the most important thing when it comes to performing, “Do not Doubt Just Do.”

I most certainly have taken everything Mrs. Reiberg had taught me to college. All I could think about when I was eagerly accepted into the Theater Arts Program at Butler University on a scholarship, was how she had shaped me into the performer and person that I was. It was when I got to Butler and was finally able to continue my training there that I was truly inspired and thankful. I was taken aback by the department as a whole. Every single faculty member is invested into your journey and eager to help you in anyway that they can whether you have them in class or not. Not just one person, but all 8 educators. They are supportive and open to your ideas as an artist and are willing yo do whatever it takes to make your time with them most valuable.

I was scared to go off to college because all I had ever heard was how alone you really are and how this time was a chance to discover yourself as an individual. While that may be true, I find a great comfort in knowing that I have a whole team of people who truly care about my future all while trying to experience as much as I can.

While Mrs. Reiberg has played a huge role in my life, I do not think I can pick just one Mentor who has impacted me the most thus far in my life, at least not yet. For I have had a whole team who has and continues to impact me as an individual every single day. Mentoring is all about people. That one person who has or is helping you and mentoring you has someone who has impacted them and so on and so on. It is a never ending chain of leadership, learning, dedication, and inspiration that will continue to grow. To me that is what makes this whole process so special. The unrecognizable bond that ties us to one another through our mentoring relationships.

I am looking forward to the day where I can be the “Mrs. Reiberg” for someone else and hopefully be able to continue my own list of Mentors who help me along during my life journey.

(You will be pleased to know I still keep in touch with Mrs. Carrie Reiberg and she continues to support my career at Butler University. )