You are currently viewing Re-Cap from Monthly Mentoring Chat ft. Gretchen Schott

Re-Cap from Monthly Mentoring Chat ft. Gretchen Schott

In Case You Missed This Month’s Mentoring Chat We have all of the Info You Need!


Click below to hear from Gretchen Schott, Vice President of Learning and Development at TrueU, as she mentions the character traits of success and even shares some the advice that she would pass on to her younger self.

What We Learned:

  • How Gretchen stays mindful of living a more graceful life
  • Feeling uncomfortable often means you are growing
  • Learning to be successful means letting go of having to know and control everything
  • Developing skills to cope with disappointment is important
  • Fostering and participating in the communities in your life is important

    Character traits of success

  • Being able to deal with ambiguity
  • Being Resilient

Vision, Purpose, and Brand:

  • Creating a purpose and vision for who you want to be and what you want to do in the world
  • Strive to be worthy of your vision
  • True success is based on knowing who you are and loving yourself always
  • Choosing to focus on ways her work and home life can complement each other, rather than trying to create balance
  • Pay attention to how you show up in life and work
  • Who is seeking you out, and who isn’t, can be big indicators of your personal brand


Advice to Her Younger Self:

  • Don’t worry if everyone agrees with you, but you need to have a point of view
  • Don’t look for validation in others
  • Take care of yourself

To listen to full recording of the chat click HERE!