You are currently viewing Recording of September Monthly Mentoring Chat

Recording of September Monthly Mentoring Chat

Miss out on the Mentoring Chat for this month?

Click the link below and listen to this month’s featured speaker Emily Viner, the VP of Agency Growth and Leadership Development at Guardian Insurance, as she talks about leadership, diversity, and mentorship.


Emily Viner

Highlights from the Chat

  • Your Mentor can help you strengthen your strengths and Improve your blind spots
  • How we perceive ourselves impacts how others perceive us
  • Emily’s “Live and Learn” philosophy
  • Tips for handling social bias
  • How learning to say “yes” was a turning point in her career and that it is okay to in fact say “yes” even when you don’t feel ready.
  • Look for opportunities to learn from bad leaders as well as good leaders.

Listen to the chat with Emily by clicking HERE!