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Relay and T-Shirt Contest!

Relay and T-Shirt Contest! Don’t Miss Out!


 Relay is less than a week away and it’s not too late to register and join a team!

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 Don’t Forget: Relay T-Shirt Contest is in full effect!

t-shirt design contest

Participate in the Pass the Torch Relay T-Shirt Contest on August 8th and let everyone know why your team has chosen to Pass the Torch.


Pass the Torch Relay Event Team T-shirt Contest Rules:

1. Your corporate logo/name or team name must appear on the shirt.

2. They should be bright and colorful so that the team wearing them STANDS OUT as much as possible on the day of the walk.

3. T-shirts will be judged on the number of likes received on the our  Facebook page. Upload your photo and make sure to use the hashtag #passtorch4women in order for it to count!!

 The contest team winner will be selected at the track on August 8th!  Watch for more information on the prize that will be awarded to the winning team!