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Meet Our National Board Member Patricia Roe!

Meet Our National Board Member

Patricia Roe!

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Patricia Roe has served as Senior Program Officer in the access and outreach department of USA Funds for the last several years.  Her role focuses on increasing success in higher education, by working collaboratively locally and nationally with entities to develop strategies which serve to support college success and completion for students and adult learners.  In this work she interfaces with consultants, policy and principal investigators, as well as with colleagues from other foundations to support institutions of higher education and best in class community based organizations. Ms. Roe has been instrumental in getting community, foundation and corporate leaders to increase their philanthropic giving in support of higher education by leveraging USA Funds philanthropic dollars.  This background is instrumental in the work she will assume for USA Funds as Senior Program Director of Community Relations.  


Ms. Roe is currently the USA Funds liaison with national scholarship organizations such as Thurgood Marshall College Fund, United Negro College Fund, American Indian College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the Asian Pacific Island American Scholarship Fund.


In her spare time, Ms. Roe can be found at her church, Phillips Temple CME, mentoring young ladies in the church and community. Ms. Roe also works with students and their families to identify and determine the best institutions and financial options for PSE, and provides counseling to students on the importance of education and making positive choices in their lives.



We asked Ms. Roe a few questions to get to know her better:


What made you get involved in Mentoring Women’s Network?

  • I wholeheartedly believe in the power of women and what they can accomplish individually, but most important collectively.  I believe it’s important to be strong advocates for women and to help all women find their voices.  Often we are drowned in the shadows of men or individuals who are not comfortable with change and strong leadership qualities.  Helping women to persevere through challenge is rewarding and it provides me an anchor to keep moving forward.  

Why are you passionate about mentoring?

  • I’m passionate about mentoring because I believe it’s our responsibility as individuals to show others how to navigate the ever-changing pathways of life.  Life doesn’t come with a book or roadmap and we often make many mistakes before we get on the right path to our destiny.  While mistakes are important to growth, I believe we can circumvent some issues by immolating behaviors of success and sharing them with others.  Sometimes just giving a simple explanation can make all the difference.

What mantra do you live by?

  • I never look down on a person unless I’m picking them up and giving them a boost to do something greater than I myself have done. I always try to build self- esteem and character in an individual.

Who has been your greatest influencer or mentor?

  • I’ll begin with my mother who raised five children primarily as a single parent. I saw her persevere through a lot over time and also saw a strong, smart and bold woman demonstrate persistence and determination in all she did. I’ve had few formal mentors but have identified many informal individuals from which I have immolated the behaviors I’ve seen be successful.

In one sentence, what advice would you give your younger self if given the opportunity?

  • Always be prepared to seize the opportunities that are presented because you never know which one might lead you to that next adventure and point of your destiny in the personal journey in God’s kingdom.


Ms. Roe touches lives in a meaningful way.  We are honored to have her as part of our National Board!

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