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Advice to My Younger Self | Samantha Lawson

If I Could Give Advice To My Younger Self, I Would Say…


I remember all the motifs of life that my father would share with me when I sat upon his lap every evening after he came home from work. It seems, at the time in which he was sharing such great life lessons with me, all I could think about was, “Oh, Dad. Tell me these things when I’m a little older- when I actually need the advice”. Hindsight is a funny thing. I look back now, as a grown woman, and see the importance of his advice in my younger years and have been able to see the fruitful qualities they all held and continue to hold.      

My advice to my younger self would be- take your father’s advice more seriously.

I have shared five snippets of advice my father has given me throughout the years and how my views have changed over time. I hope you can apply some of this insight in your own life:

  • Be careful of the undertow.

Translation as a girl: Don’t go to the beach and have fun with your friends.

Translation as a woman: Don’t let being comfortable interfere with your ability to make decisions that could potentially save your life when put in a sticky situation.


  • Just do the next right thing.

Translation as a girl: Clean your room and do the dishes.

Translation as a woman: Live every single moment by helping others and making the right choices for the greater good of everyone involved.

  • You can’t love anyone until you love yourself.

Translation as a girl: Not another self-esteem talk…

Translation as a woman: I should always take care of myself in order to be present to help others.

  • Don’t be so defensive.

Translation as a girl: Why can’t I be defensive? Is there something wrong with me or something?

Translation as a woman: Don’t take things so seriously. Think the situation over and see things at face value.

  • If you have given your all, then we are proud of you.

Translation as a girl: I need to do extremely well because you have high expectations for me.

Translation as a woman: We are ALWAYS proud of you, so long as you try.



What an incredible man of a father I have. Younger Sam, appreciate what you have.



 Samantha Lawson | Director of Corporate Partnerships, Mentoring Women’s Network –

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