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Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation Launches International Women’s Day Campaign

Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation Launches International Women’s Day Viral Campaign


Indianapolis, IN – Locally-based not-for-profit, Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation, is offering individuals and organizations the opportunity to share with the world their commitment to equality for women. The Foundation has created a campaign in honor of the global celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015. Launching on January 27, MWNF’s #PassTorch4Women campaign will set about capturing 1 million self-made videos of women and men taking the pledge to Pass the Torch for Women. The goal of the campaign is to spread the message of women’s equality in the workplace throughout the world through these pledge videos.

“The International Women’s Day Pass the Torch for Women Campaign provides a meaningful way for individuals and organizations to express their belief in changing the gender balance within the workplace through mentoring relationships,” said Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation’s CEO, Alison Martin-Books. “Women earn almost 60% of university degrees in America and Europe, and are the most likely candidates to be promoted into leadership roles in the US. Mentoring is key to leadership development.  In a recent study of 1,000 employees in a mentoring program over five years, mentees were 40% more likely to get promoted and mentors were 50% more likely to get promoted.”

Participating in the event involves making a short video of oneself “Taking the Pledge” to Pass The Torch for Women, stating your commitment to help empower women. Individuals are then asked to share their video on social networks using the hashtag #PassTorch4Women. The Foundation encourages participants to tag their friends to make their own videos. Individuals can visit to download a pledge card, campaign information and posting instructions.

For businesses and organizations, involvement in the International Women’s Day campaign serves as a way to supplement their women’s initiatives programs. On Friday March 6, The Foundation will be holding simultaneous corporate events all around the United States, where employees will create and post pledge videos. The Foundation has made it easy for any business to hold its own event on that day by offering an Organizational Event Kit. Organizations can visit to sign up and receive a kit.

Beginning January 27, searching the hashtag #PassTorch4Women on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram will allow the public to view and share the pledge videos.


About Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation (MWNF): MWNF is a not-for-profit entity with a mission to create a community of empowered women developing one another professionally through mentoring relationships. The Foundation works to provide programming and mentoring resources to women in need. The organization embraces the vision of a world of equal opportunities for women in professional environments. To achieve that vision, Mentoring Women’s Network will create the largest and most effective mentoring program for women in the world. For more information, visit

About Pass the Torch For Women (PTTFW): PTTFW is a campaign created by the Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation to create awareness of the power of mentoring in propelling a woman’s professional goals. The campaign has fostered participation in the mentoring program offered by MWNF by individuals and organizational partners.

About International Women’s Day: IWD has been observed in the United States since the early 1900s. The event now has spread around the world as a day of inspiration, recognition and celebration of the achievements of women. In recent years, both local, national and global businesses such a Google have recognized IWD through internal events and external promotions. IWD 2015 has been set for March 8, and the global theme is “Inspiring Change for Greater Awareness of Women’s Equality.”