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Advice to My Younger Self | Kara Faris

If I Could Give Advice To My Younger Self,

I Would Say…


When I was younger, and even to some extent now, I believed that one day life would make sense. I thought once I “arrived” in adulthood, real adulthood, everything would make sense. I assumed that people in charge of making decisions had some special knowledge and experience that I had yet to encounter.  I’d like to debunk that misperception for my younger self because it tricked her into thinking that she couldn’t or wouldn’t be a meaningful contributor to her workplace and community until sometime in the future.  This is unfortunate because all along she was a contributor and has always offered many gifts to the people and places she touches.  So my advice to my younger self is to take ownership of herself because when she’s her best self, all around her benefit.  That’s pretty lofty, so in practical terms I offer the following pieces of practical advice to my younger self:

– Say no more often.

– Ask for what you want more often.

– Take a personal finance class.

– Meditate.

– Keep a journal.

– Regularly feed your soul, brain, and body with music, art, good food, poetry, theater, good books, and dance.

– Give people little gifts on random occasions.

– Ask more questions.

– If you have a dream or wacky idea that feels a little risky, interpret the risk as an indicator that you’re on to something important, not necessarily something dangerous.

Kara Faris | Education Director for the Center for Congregations, wife, mother, and member of the MWN Foundation board –  

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