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Advice to My Younger Self | Laura Haynes

If I Could Give Advice To My Younger Self,

I Would Say…


How many times do we look back and wish that we could do something differently? Age brings wisdom. There are many things that I am glad I did through the years. Such as, I am proud of the fact that I listen to others about their experiences, their needs, their wants, and give merit to their advice. I am glad that one of my first lessons in the working world was a class on listening. Listening to customers. Listening to co-workers. Just…listening. To my younger self I say, great job. It will serve you well throughout life.

To my younger self…further advice I would give would be, “Don’t just listen. Ask more questions.” Don’t just take things at face value. It is fine to ask questions. Be inquisitive. It shows you are interested and learning. Asking questions also helps lead you to good decisions, personally and professionally. Knowledge is power.

To my younger self…I also encourage you to understand your limits and ask for help. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Balancing family, work and volunteerism can be done. Also know that saying “no” is okay. This is something that will not come easy to you. It still doesn’t to me now. But learning it early will help set priorities and alleviate stress that you impose upon yourself. You control your life.

To my younger self…be open to new opportunities. You perceive change as risk when you should look at it more as opportunity. If initially it makes you nervous, than it will bring you huge feelings of satisfaction when you succeed.

To my younger self…you have a wonderful life ahead of you. There will be many successes and frustrations. Stay persistent. The things you learn and progress you make will allow you to give your daughters things to strive for, knowledge of how to achievement them, and more support than you had early in your adult life. Always stay true and trust in yourself.


– Laura Haynes | VP Commercial Banking at Stock Yards Bank –  

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