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Advice to my Younger Self | Charlotte Ballard

If I Could Give Advice To My Younger Self,

I Would Say…


I can recall from such a young age that I was always very driven.  It would be nice to say I received guidance to be this way.  But it was deep within my soul and I had no choice, thankfully, except to go with it.

Although I had deep determination to achieve the next thing, I had negative experiences along the way that caused me to question my will to go there.  Whether it be through the unkind words of a classmate, or the loss of my mother at 17, these experiences tainted my clear vision and positive attitude.  I had no confidence in myself.  This was interesting as I still progressed in life and succeeded in so many ways.  But I grew very angry and hateful of anyone that dare challenge me.  I was usually right and that was all that mattered.  And I wasn’t always happy along the way.

Through the guidance of my managers, piers and experience, I have finally freed myself from this negative cycle.  I don’t hold grudges, I listen more, I empathize and most importantly I smile more and enjoy my passions.

So my advice to my younger self is this: You are a beautiful, intelligent, self-motivated young lady.  Let no one deter you from your goals or your happiness along the way.  Life and the journey you live is not just measured at the end, rather along every step.  Embrace your passion and accept advice through other’s experiences to pursue your goals and enjoy it with every ounce of energy of have to give.  Yes, all the clichés are true.  And we are all familiar with the phrase, Hindsight is 20/20.  I can recall many adults and people I aspired to be like repeating this phrase and me not even grasping the concept behind it.  Now I’m that person and can truly appreciate what they meant.  It’s too bad that wisdom sometimes only comes as we get older, or should I say more experienced?  But I think in some instances, it was ok that I didn’t have that hindsight, as I saw the world with clear vision and no hurdles.  When that little voice in your head says something or the feeling in the pit of your stomach means something, trust it.  And GO FOR IT!!!


Charlotte Ballard | Team Lead, Systems Analysts and Administration at Interactive Intelligence –  

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