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Nic Booth Talks Mentoring

One of my roles at Mentoring Women’s Network is to interview, educate and build a relationship with women that have been nominated into the virtual mentoring program.  During the conversation, we discuss the significant mentors that may have played a part in their lives and I get to share my experiences.  We identify that Mentors come in many forms and may include parents, family members, friends, professors and many reference their current supervisor or boss.

On the phone call, we land at a place that many women mentor in some capacity but many still find it tough to find a Mentor to help them advance in their career.  I wanted to share a blog that will give you some food for thought regarding the Mentoring Relationship and this in turn validates why the virtual mentoring program MWN offers works!

Do Women Need a Mentor to Succeed?

By Dana Theus on September 24th, 2012 | Comments(5)

Ask yourself –  how am I being intentional with my mentoring relationships and how can I start to invest in myself?