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The Oxymoron That Is…Relationship Building




Confessions of a Salesaholic

Part 1:  Setting the World’s Stage


My mother would tell you that I came out of her womb talking, planner in hand.  In addition, she loves to remind me I was “only” 1 hour and 10 minutes late (Due Date: Sept 10th; Arrival: Sept 11th, 1:10am). It has taken me 40 years to fully embrace the ME that is, well, me.  We all know the clichés; we all grew up in the same societal fairy-tale world of white picket fences, perfect husbands who are family providers and exemplify behaviors worthy of being emulated both inside and outside of the home, perfect children who never backtalk, perfect hair and makeup which humidity and tears cannot touch… the nauseating list goes on.

So is it really any wonder that under the heading of “relationship building” women both lead the way AND bear the brunt of all associated burdens? I think not. We are tasked with not only upholding the societal view of our “roles,” but doing so in a caring, compassionate, and nurturing way indicative of and kosher with those stereotypical roles.  And yet, if, as working women, we come across as too caring, compassionate, and nurturing, guess what?  We get called out for that too and subsequently walked on and bypassed in the process.

What’s a girl to do? Ignore the haters is what I say.  With our heads held high, as we hold each other up in mutual esteem.  Now, this is not to say that we become an elitist group of entitled working women (i.e. “those feminists!”) either.  No, that would render us nothing more than hypocrites.  What I’m saying is that there is a way.  There is always a way when there is a will. Will you do this?  Will you take me to practice?  Will you wrap these presents?  Will you make me dinner?  Will you be able to do all this? Yes.  Because we know how to build relationships not only with those who ask for our help on a recurring basis, but with each other  

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