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My Interview With the Amazing Marsha Clark


I recently had the great pleasure to interview Marsha Clark, an incredible woman who hails from the Dallas, TX area.   Marsha Clark is an executive coach and independent consultant who founded her own company in 2000.  Marsha’s passion is supporting women in their personal and professional development.  She is currently delivering a series of offerings to enable women to explore, discover and optimize their potential.  One of the offerings, a 12-month program called the POWER of Self, combines experiential learning and individual coaching, and provides an opportunity for women to gain greater personal clarity and a strategic framework for making more deliberate choices in all dimensions of their lives.

Marsha and her staff are certified and experienced in these crucial workplace issues and specialize in creating highly-interactive learning experiences.

In partnership with Dottie Gandy, Marsha has co-authored a book entitled Choose! The Role That Choice Plays in Shaping Women’s Lives (Brown Books 2004).  Marsha has also been featured in several books, including Powering Up: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders (Anne Doyle, 2011), Women of North Texas (Moor, 2003), and Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things (Voci, 2005).  In addition, she has been featured in various publications featuring accomplished executives.

Listen in to the interview and Marsha’s perspective on what it takes to be successful and where her passion stems from.  I particularly enjoyed her discussion on the four character traits necessary to succeed in today’s world, which are:

1.  Learning Agility

2.  Dealing with Ambiguity

3.  Having Resiliency

4.  Being Kind and Compassionate

Have a listen:

Image: Alison Martin
Image: Alison Martin