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Professional growth for women is not a “one-size-fits-all” formula.

Each person is on their own path with different goals, needs, and expectations. The Pass The Torch for Women Foundation has created a nationwide community whose sole purpose is to support women on their professional journey. Wherever they are in their careers, there is a place for all women to learn, grow and share.

The Pass the Torch for Women Community
meets women wherever they are in their careers.

Female College Students

Entry to Mid-Level Professionals

Aspiring Women Leaders

Women & Men with a Heart for Mentorship

Women & Men
Leaders Entrepreneurs


We are overwhelmed by your generosity.

The Foundation has been flooded with messages asking how individuals can help and volunteer during this time of need. Without people like you, we cannot provide positive impacts for women within our community who are developing professionals, single mothers, first-generation college students, from underserved communities, and so many others.

We have created a platform for you to serve as an Ambassador to share our “National Pass the Torch Campaign” with your friends, family, and peers to help us raise money so we can keep our doors wide open and be there for our community because we don’t want to picture a world without Pass the Torch.


Pass the Torch for Women Foundation believes that all women should have access to professional growth.

We are a community that passes the torch through mentoring, connecting, and investing in women at all stages of their careers.

The Pass the Torch for Women Foundation started with a simple idea – get a room full of like-minded women together and see what happens next. What formed was a robust organization whose mission grew to support women as they navigate their professional journeys. In other words, a foundation whose sole purpose was to Pass the Torch for Women.

The creation of a Foundation was purposeful – to create a lasting investment in the advancement of women. Your donation and involvement help ensure our programs can extend to every woman looking to grow her career, not just those who are fortunate enough to have a built-in support system. Every woman who finds her path forges a new one for those coming behind her, allowing her the honor of Passing the Torch.



Our robust mentorship program enables:

• 1:1 meaningful connections to a community of women from various backgrounds

• Personalized match experience based on competencies and experience

• Training for mentors and mentees


We are creating a community of support through:

• Bi-Weekly virtual community hubs

• Exclusive networking events

• Torchbearer Committees to increase local community impact


We offer opportunities for development through:

• Online modules on leadership, career readiness, negotiation, and soft skills topics

• Torch Talk Webinars and Podcast Series to promote professional development

• Corporate Program to enhance D&I/Social Impact initiatives