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July 1, 2015

How Mentoring Can Aid Your Career!

Propelling Your Career with Mentors and Sponsors Mentoring Women’s Network is all about mentoring to help others, empowering women in the community, and creating long-lasting relationships!
June 25, 2015

Advice to My Younger Self | Roxanne Alvarez

Read as Roxanne Alvarez, Manager of Business and Partnerships at Girls & Women at the United Nations Foundation, reflects on her life and gives some advice she
June 11, 2015

Advice to My Younger Self | Rachel Rocero

If Only I’d Known Then: 30 Pieces of Advice I’d Tell My Younger Self    If You Could Tell Your Younger Self Anything, What Would it Be?
June 10, 2015

To all Aspiring Leaders: What You Need to Know

5 Key Things Aspiring Leaders Need To Understand It’s not always easy having to lead others, especially if you are one who has moved into a
June 3, 2015

Refresh Your Mind: 24 Small Challenges in Only 24 Hours!

24 Challenges to Give You a Mind-Refreshing Day  Are you willing to challenge yourself today? We all have bad days every once in a while, and it’s
May 29, 2015

We All Make Mistakes, it’s OK!

Give Yourself the Freedom to Make Mistakes We are all human, therefore we all make mistakes. Read this blog by Joanne Jamis Cain, a woman who deeply appreciates
May 27, 2015

Do What Makes YOU Happy!

Keeping the Happiness in Hope Needing a boost today? No worries we have you covered! Here’s a blog from proud, hard-working mother and blogger Courtney Patterson
May 26, 2015

Fort Wayne | Monthly Lunch ft. Dr. Sarah Bodner!

Please join MWN as Dr. Sarah Bodner shares her journey through life as well as the many lessons she has learned along the way! Lady Boss: The
May 20, 2015

What is YOUR purpose in Life?

What’s the Point? Ever find yourself wondering, “Why am I here?” or what your true purpose in life is? We ALL have a purpose in life,
May 18, 2015

Monthly Mentoring Chat featuring Patricia Roe

Please join us for a LIVE monthly mentoring chat featuring our very own Patricia Roe presented by USA Funds! When? Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 Time? 2pm-3pm EST
May 15, 2015

Want to “Reinvent” Yourself?

How to Reinvent Yourself   Take a look at this blog written by novelist Michela Montgomery as she talks about ways to reinvent yourself and create
May 13, 2015
5 Reasons Why You Must Heal     Seeking healing, a lifted spirit, or even words of wisdom? We have something SPECTACULAR for you! Check out this